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Masland Carpet

Masland Carpet 


What sets a new Masland carpet apart from its competition? Masland packs 150 years of experience into each and every one of its carpets. As a result, Masland carpets are time-tested and high-performing, so they will no doubt add style to your home. Masland’s experience also means that it is one of the preeminent experts in the industry. Currently, Masland owns and operates its manufacturing plants, and it utilizes new and advanced technologies. Masland is therefore able to offer unique styles and designs, and it can ensure that all of its carpets meet strict quality guidelines.


Masland offers a wide selection of broadloom carpets, including nylon and wool carpets. Masland’s nylon carpets are made with synthetic materials, so they are stain resistant and strong. They do well to retain their appearance even under heavy foot traffic, so they are great for areas such as family rooms and hallways. Masland’s wool carpets, which are made from 100% wool, are naturally soft and stain resistant, so they are perfect for more luxurious designs.


Not only are Masland carpets stylish and durable; they also are friendly to the environment. Masland utilizes eco-friendly components and processes throughout its carpet selection, and it continues to look for new ways to limit its environmental impact. Plus, all Masland carpets meet the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Green Label requirements, so they do not adversely affect indoor air quality.


To learn more about Masland and its carpet selection, visit McDonald Carpet One in Boulder, CO!


Masland's New Selection


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Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara carpets from Masland are made from STAINMASTER nylon, so they are durable enough for any home setting. They also feature colors that are inspired by the Mediterranean region!



Altair carpets from Masland are considered patterned carpets because of their unique styles. They are made from 100% BCF type 6,6 nylon.

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Homeowners love Copenhagen carpets because they feature a soft 100% New Zealand wool construction. These carpets have soft colors as well.



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