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Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring in Boulder, CO

McDonald Carpet One Floor & Home in Boulder is here for all your vinyl flooring needs. Plan a future visit to our showroom to browse our vinyl flooring samples or contact us today. We’re proud to serve Boulder and the surrounding areas.


What Is Vinyl Flooring?


What exactly is vinyl flooring? Vinyl flooring is a synthetic product that looks like real wood, tile, or stone, but with ultra-durable construction. It tackles everyday spills, stains, scratches, and scuffs, and it can go in areas with moisture and heavy foot traffic.


Beyond durability, vinyl flooring has grown in popularity thanks to its upscale, realistic appearance. It’s no longer just available in sheet vinyl form but comes in plank and tile formats installed piece-by-piece, just like real tile and hardwood. In fact, most consumers today can’t tell the difference.


What Types of Vinyl Flooring Are There?


Vinyl flooring can be glue-down and interlocking.


Both types of vinyl come in plank and tile form.


Is Vinyl Flooring Fully Waterproof?


All vinyl floors are water-resistant but growing number of products are fully waterproof. Waterproof vinyl floors keep water from seeping into the planks and the subfloor below. They are less prone to expand and contract from shifting temperatures and humidity. Waterproof vinyl plank offers an alternative to natural hardwood for bathrooms and kitchens. It’s excellent choice for ensuring peace-of-mind with spills and accidents, but floors still need to be wiped as soon as a mishap occurs.


It’s essential to understand the difference between water-resistant and waterproof products. Water-resistant vinyl can manage occasional spills and accidents, but if you let a puddle sit long enough, it will sink into the surface. With waterproof vinyl, those bathtub splashes and entryway puddles won’t make it past the floor’s watertight seal. Even if a bit of moisture does sneak underneath the floor, its high-tech core layer will prevent major damage.


Where Can I Install Vinyl Flooring?


Vinyl flooring is highly versatile and perfect for residential and commercial settings. Commercial vinyl plank flooring has become a top choice for:

For homes, you can install everything from stone look vinyl flooring in mudrooms to wide plank vinyl flooring in living rooms. With high moisture spaces like bathrooms and kitchens, we recommend waterproof vinyl flooring.


Vinyl flooring is installed with or without adhesive, with both methods being quick. Sheet vinyl options are applied directly to your subfloor. Sometimes vinyl planks and tiles will easily click together, resulting in a glue-free, “floating” floor that’s free of unsightly gaps.


Come Check Out Our Vinyl Flooring Selection


At McDonald Carpet One Floor & Home, we have the best vinyl flooring brands. Be sure to stop by our showroom in Boulder, CO to see our full collection and talk with our experienced team of flooring professionals about this exceptional flooring. You can also shop our vinyl flooring selection online.




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Caring for Vinyl Flooring


Before you invest, it’s a good idea to know about the

maintenance of your flooring choice. If you want to

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