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Custom Area Rugs

Custom Area Rugs


If you’re searching for the perfect rug for your home or commercial property, the experts at McDonald Carpet One Floor & Home have you covered. We have a beautiful selection of flooring, and we’re able to create custom cut area rugs and runners from any of our broadloom carpets. These are perfect for any space, and they’re unique and affordable. We even do in-store binding, so the process is efficient and easy. Visit our Boulder, CO showroom to browse our products in person or chat with our experienced staff about creating your own customized rug. 


Benefits of Custom Area Rugs and Runners


In addition to creating custom cut rugs from our in-store products, you can also special order materials to use. The benefit of custom cut rugs is that they’re generally cheaper than buying a pre-made product, and you can size them to perfectly suit your needs. Inexpensive area rugs are especially great if you’re on a budget, or you want to be able to easily switch out your rug in the future. Additionally, we carry a beautiful assortment of carpets that have unique advantages over pre-made rugs, like stain, water, and wear-resistance. 


In general, indoor rugs and runners also add beauty, insulation, protection, and comfort to a space. They can complete the décor of a room by dramatically adding to its aesthetic or subtly complimenting it. Additionally, rugs help protect your surfaces from wear, tear, and stains. When your area rug wears out, it’s much easier to replace than damaged hardwood, carpet, and tile. Rugs are, therefore, a great choice for increasing the longevity of your floors, especially in high traffic spaces. They also add warmth, cushioning, sound absorption, and slip-resistance, which is essential for rooms where your family frequently hangs out, as well as stairs and hallways.


If you’re wondering where to buy affordable area rugs that are also beautiful and high-quality, contact us today. We have the best area rug options in the region thanks to our ability to custom cut and bind the materials so that they’re perfectly suited for your needs.