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Carpet Remnants

Carpet Remnants

Carpet Remnants


Are you working on a project at home that requires carpet, but not a lot of it? If you haven’t yet, maybe you should consider taking a look at carpet remnants. McDonald Carpet One Floor & Home has multiple carpet remnants to choose from that range from standard plush, woven wools, and durable stain resistant nylon. Many of our remnant options are cash and carry, meaning you can take home your remnants the same day you find them! 


What is a Carpet Remnant?


Are you unsure of what a carpet remnant is? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Many homeowners think that remnants are damaged goods, while others think they're out of style or unpopular pieces. That couldn’t be further from the truth! Carpet remnants are actually surplus or leftover carpet from a larger roll left over from a previous project. We offer a variety of different width options in different styles, patterns, fibers, and piles. Carpet remnants can be used for many different things. Sometimes we have enough left over to floor an entire room or you can choose to have it cut and bound to be an area rug. You can also use carpet remnants to place under pet crates, as extra protection in storage bins, or have them cut into rugs that you can place under sinks or in front of doorways. Even though remnants are discounted, they are still cut from high quality rolls of carpet. 


Our selection of carpet remnants includes nylon and wool fiber carpets. Nylon is loved for its durability, and many of our nylon carpets are also stain resistant. Stain resistant carpet remnants are great for homeowners with pets or children. Our wool carpet remnants are comfortable and easy to clean. Wool is a natural fiber that can act an insulator. The winters here in Colorado can become brutal, but a warm wool carpet can make all the difference when you wake up in the morning, or come in from shoveling snow outside!


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