Mullican Hardwood

Long-lasting and luxurious hardwood from Mullican

Quality Hardwood

Mullican Flooring Boulder, CO

We at McDonald Carpet One are happy to offer a selection of quality hardwood from Mullican Flooring. Mullican offers a diverse selection of hardwood, so there is definitely a style that will fit your design and performance needs.

Mullican offers both solid and engineered hardwood flooring. Its solid hardwoods are strong, but they can only be installed over plywood or wood subfloors. They are suitable for on- and above-grade levels (ground level and higher), and they can usually be refinished multiple times. Mullican engineered hardwoods are more dimensionally-stable, so they can handle below-grade levels as well as areas with some moisture.

Not only can you choose your construction with Mullican; you can choose your style, too. Mullican utilizes a number of domestic woods, including oak, maple, and hickory. These woods are strong and time-tested, and they are great for traditional designs. For more modern looks, Mullican offers exotic woods such as Brazilian cherry. These woods certainly have unique appearances, so they can help contribute to one-of-a-kind room designs.

Moreover, Mullican hardwood is available with premium surface textures. The wire-brushed and distressed surface textures are popular because they offer hand-crafted looks and feels. In fact, with these textures, your new Mullican hardwood floor will look like a custom floor.

To take advantage of our selection from Mullican Flooring, visit our Boulder, CO store today. We are proud to be your neighborhood hardwood experts!