Quick Step Laminate

Wood's natural beauty with extra strength and stability

Quickstep Laminate

When it comes to laminate flooring, there aren’t many better choices than Quick Step laminate. Quick Step emphasizes both style and performance throughout its laminate collections, so it truly offers superior laminate floors.

Unlike other laminate brands, Quick Step offers planks up to 54” in length. These longer planks lead to a quicker and easier install, but they are more noteworthy given their appearance. Compared to shorter planks, the 54” planks certainly have more authentic hardwood looks, since real hardwood is typically installed with these longer plank lengths.

Quick Step laminate also offers premium strength and durability. Like other laminate floors, Quick Step laminate is made from separate layers. For the most part, these layers are similar across different brands, but Quick Step does have a special balancing layer. This layer adds size and strength to the bottom of the floor, so it guarantees that the floor will never bow or collapse. Bowing and collapsing are often problems with other laminate floors, mainly because the bottom layers are too weak to handle the top layers. Over time, the bottom layers seem to cave in from the pressure, especially when there is heavy foot traffic or other external impacts. Quick Step, however, counters this issue with a strong bottom layer that can handle everything life throws its way.

Quick Step Envique

McDonald Carpet One in Boulder, CO is your local Quick Step dealer, as we offer quality laminate options such as the Envique collection. Envique laminate floors offer truly authentic wood looks because they feature real surface textures and edges. So, even after first glance, Envique floors look exactly like real hardwood. Nonetheless, Envique floors do offer Quick Step’s premium durability and wear resistance.

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Quick Step laminate Boulder, CO