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luxury vinyl flooring Boulder, CO

What Is Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

As your neighborhood flooring experts, we at McDonald Carpet One are here to handle all of your luxury vinyl flooring needs. What exactly is luxury vinyl flooring? Luxury vinyl looks like real wood or stone, but it features an ultra-durable synthetic construction. As a result, it can handle spills, stains, scratches, and scuffs, and it can be installed in areas with moisture and heavy foot traffic. For true wood looks, be sure to choose vinyl plank flooring. It is available in wood-like planks that can even be textured like real wood. If you’re looking to add the looks of stone or ceramic, take a look at vinyl tile flooring.

There are two luxury vinyl flooring options available: glue-down and click. Let us help you make the right choice for your residential or commercial setting.

Glue-Down Luxury Vinyl

Glue-down luxury vinyl gets its name from its installation method. The planks and tiles are quite literally glued down directly to the subfloor with a special adhesive. Consequently, glue-down luxury vinyl floors stand strong against foot traffic, so they are great for high-traffic settings such as commercial spaces.

Click Luxury Vinyl

Like glue-down luxury vinyl, click luxury vinyl flooring is named after its installation. The vinyl planks and tiles perfectly attach and “click” together, so they float over the subfloor almost like a puzzle. No special adhesive is needed. Most click luxury vinyl floors also have strong waterproof cores, so the planks and tiles will never expand or contract when exposed to moisture.

Click luxury vinyl floors typically are more comfortable underfoot than glue-down floors, so they are preferred for residential settings. But, glue-down luxury vinyl does remain better-suited for high-traffic areas.

To learn more about luxury vinyl flooring, be sure to visit our Boulder, CO showroom today.