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What Are the Advantages of Hardwood Floors?

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Hardwood flooring is admired for its capability to stand up to substantial quantities of traffic for years while upholding its structural integrity and stunning look. Having been used in homes for centuries, hardwood floors are revered for their old-fashioned appearance that they can deliver to a home. In addition to a traditional appearance, a contemporary design can also be achieved with hardwood floors with a world of different visual options available including various finishes, grain patterns, textures, board widths, edge type, and more!

Hardwood floors have a finished surface that guards it from stains, allergens, scratches and scuffing. A carpet’s fiber will attract and trap these things, while hardwood floors keep them at the surface, making them easier to clean requiring only consistent sweeping and intermittent mopping or vacuuming.

The style behind hardwood floors isn’t the only benefit that they can bring. Hardwood floors are comfortable to walk on because they have excellent insulating properties, providing a warm, comfy surface. These insulating properties also mean that you will not lose hot or cool air through the floors, saving you money on energy bills. When hardwood’s wear layer diminishes over time and no longer adequately protects your floor, you have the option of refinishing it instead of replacing it, which will also save money and essentially double the life of your floor.

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