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Exclusive Tigressa Selection

carpets Boulder, CO

We at McDonald Carpet One are excited to offer Tigressa carpets in our Boulder, CO store! Tigressa, which is exclusive to Carpet One stores, combines premium softness with durability to create carpets that will certainly stand up to life.  

Tigressa is able to offer both softness and durability because it focuses on new and innovative performance technologies in all of its carpets.

Tigressa SoftStyle includes extra twisting and heating of its carpet fibers, so there is less matting and crushing from foot traffic. The carpet remains comfortable and soft to the touch, and its colors also stay bold because of a special enhancement system.

Tigressa Cherish is designed to be the softest carpet in the industry. Its fibers are extra fine, so they are extremely soft. The carpet, however, remains durable since the fibers have extra filaments per square inch. Tigressa Cherish is available in 22 different styles, so there are a plethora of design options!

Tigressa H20 is certainly one of the most durable carpets available today. It is stain and water resistant because of a thermoplastic backing that stops everything from moving past the surface. This backing also helps combat household odors. Tigressa H20 is perfect for homes with children and pets!